Valeria Caggiano

Valeria Caggiano, has a Ph.D. in Labor and Human Resources Research and Psychology from the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Spain, a European Master in Europlanner, Brussels, Belgium. She is specialized in Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapy. She is a Researcher of Work and Organizational Psychology at the ROMA TRE University; she works as a consultant for public and private companies in the fields of training and organizational wellbeing development. She is working with emergent countries like BRICS and MINT on the distance learning education., focus on entrepreneurship education. She was International Director of Rome Business School, Rome, facilited international agreement and projects between countries and governments. She was International coordinator for the “International Summer School of Entrepreneurship” of the University of Salamanca and was formerly coordinator of the Master in Resource Management at Rome’s LUMSA University. She is Director and Founding Member of DoinGlobal.